About SPKI

About SPKI - The Norwegian Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence

SPKI is established as a centre for clinical artificial intelligence in collaboration between The University Hospital of North-Norway (UNN), UiT The Arctic University of Norway and Helse Nord RHF.

SPKI will put the patients and clinicians in focus, in the sense that innovation and implementation of clinical decision support tools based on artificial intelligence is considered to be equally important as the research activity of the center. Artificial intelligence can only become useful for patients and clinicians if the new technology is implemented in clinical use - and this will be facilitated by SPKI.

SPKI is established as a center at UNN and UiT, in collaboration with Helse Nord RHF, and SPKI is organizationally anchored in Fag- og kvalitetssenteret at UNN. At UiT, the main contributors to the research activity of the center are the UiT Machine Learning Group and the SFI Visual Intelligence. Other contributors are e.g. The Health Data Lab, The Department of Clinical Medicine, and The Department of Social Sciences.

The ambition of SPKI is to facilitate development and use of clinical decision support tools based on artificial intelligence by connecting clinical expertise with researchers on machine learning and technology.

The tasks of the center includes:

  • Be a meeting place for clinicians and researchers with an interest in AI.

  • Support local initiatives for implementation of AI tools in the clinic.

  • Contribute to the development of innovation and research projects across disciplines and organizations.

  • Inquiries about technical and AI-related legal challenges.

  • Proposals for external funding to Helse Nord, the Research Council of Norway and the European Research Council.

  • Establish arenas for local, national and international networking, meetings, conferences, external partners, etc.

  • Support the implementation of AI tools in Helse Nord.

  • Innovation and commersialization.

  • Establish open research databases for the development of AI algorithms.