Networking and collaboration are very important when working with research, innovation and new technology.

Our team consists of the leading competence on medical AI in Tromsø and we have a large national and international network.

We want to make it easier to find and reach out to partners on machine learning for health and medical AI.

Main contributors to the centre. (This page is under construction)

UiT Machine Learning Group

The core strength of UiT Machine Learning Group is in basic research for advancing statistical machine learning & AI methodology to face the societal and industrial data-driven challenges of the future. The group has been doing research on machine learning for health and clinical AI for more than a decade and is a key contributor to the activity at SPKI.

Visual Intelligence

Visual Intelligence is a Centre for research-based innovation that aims to be the lead provider of novel deep learning-based solutions for cutting-edge complex image analysis. One of the main innovation areas for Visual Intelligence is medicine and health. Visual Intelligence is advancing deep learning in medical imaging to solve challenges e.g. related with limited training data and explainability of black-box predictions. Hence, Visual Intelligence and SPKI operates in close synergy.

Norwegian partners

Health Data Lab

Health Data Lab is a research lab at UiT that develops the systems, methods, and tools needed to analyze and interpret complex health datasets.

180°N - Norwegian Nuclear Medicine Consortium

The overarching aim of the 180°N project is to strengthen research in nuclear medicine connected to the nuclear medicine equipment donated by Trond Mohn Foundation and Tromsø Research Foundation to the universities and hospitals in Trondheim, Tromsø and Bergen. AI and machine learning are important parts of this research.

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research

The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research will contribute to knowledge-based development in the area of e-health by means of research, collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge. The centre does research on all levels of health care: disease prevention, self-management, primary and specialist healthcare and rehabilitation.

International partners and collaborators

CAI-X Centre for Clinical Artificial Intelligence

CAI-X is a Danish centre established by the University of Southern Denmark (SDU) and Odense University Hospital (OUH). We have entered a strategic cooperation on clinical AI with CAI-X. The cooperation will be formalized later this year.